Daisy Church
Daisy works and lives in Los Angeles as an artist and animator. She has worked extensively as a flash animator on various television shows, commercials, music videos and independent films in addition to having completed three of her own short animated films. She also belongs to the group Girls Drawin Girls and works as their PR representative.

Damon O’Keefe
Damon is an animator and artist living in Los Angeles. He has worked in the animation industry for over 10 years on a variety of shows, including Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island, Metalocalypse, El Tigre, and more. He recently finished his first music video for the nerd-rock band Kirby Krackle for their song "Zombie Apocalypse." He is a self-described geek.

Anna Hollingsworth
Anna is a Los Angeles based Flash animator and artist. When not animating, she can be found playing accordion with local band Artichoke, or planning various escape strategies in the unlikely event of a zombiepocolypse.

Mike Hollingsworth
"1 liver, 2 ears, 10 toes, 32 teeth and 10,000 moles"

Mike is an artist, animator and stand up comedian living and working in Los Angeles. When he's not animating and directing his own personal shorts or working on shows such as The Life and Times of Tim, SuperNews!, and the Mr Men Show, he can be found playing comedy clubs all over town with his stand-up acts.

JoJo Ramos
Jojo works on preschool shows! and not-so-preschool shows...

Anne Walker
Anne Walker is many things: GirlsDrawinGirls co-founder, Circa artist group member, storyboard artist, Flash animator, kitten foster mom, fan of lemurs. She lives in Burbank, with an army guy and several long-suffering houseplants.

Nick Butera
Nick works and lives in Los Angeles as a flash animator and artist.

Ashley Fisher
Ashley works and lives in Los Angeles as an animation inker and digital colorist.

Crystal Stromer
Crystal works and lives in Los Angeles as a flash animator and artist.